Fall Home Maintenance Tips
  • Check screens for any rips or tears that bugs could make their way through. 

  • Keep your bathroom vents cleaned out to help air circulate well and help keep mildew from starting. 

  • Keep tree branches trimmed at least 8 feet away from your roof to help discourage squirrels from making their way into your homes attic. 

  • Prune back any shrubs or bushes growing around your AC compressor.

  • Wipe down your ceiling fans and make sure that they are set counter-clockwise to get a cooling affect. 

  • Check your fire extinguisher. Make sure it is easily accessible, doesn't have rust or damage, and that the pressure gauge is where it's supposed to be. 

  • Vacuum the coils behind your refrigerator to help keep it running as efficiently as possible. 

  • Re-caulk your baseboards to help them look brighter and be easier to clean off. 

  • Add another 1 inch thick layer of mulch in your flowerbeds to help plants and flowers stay healthy in the hot sun.