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The Listing Photos

First impressions are extremely important, and your listing photos are your first impression to a prospective buyer! This is why I have studied photography throughout my entire career, and have always been able to provide every client of mine professional quality photos that set

their home apart from our competition.

The Video Tour

In addition to your listing photos, I will create a video tour of your home. I started making these videos back in 2019, and after getting such a great response to the first test video, I continued to make more of them leading in to the following year. Since then, I ended up making the video tour a standard in my marketing plan; every customer of mine will get a personally made video tour of their home!

The video tour is not meant to take place of a buyer seeing the home in person; its purpose is to allow any prospective buyer a more in-depth preview of your home than the listing photos can give.

Want to see some examples of my video tours? Feel free to head over to the "Galleries" Section to get an idea of what to expect for your home!

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