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Staging Your Home

Staging is another important part of selling your home, and there is lot that you can do with the furniture that you already have! Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when staging your home:

- You want to find the balance between clean, but lived in.

- Rearrange your furniture in a way to make your home look as

  spacious as possible. 

- Put away anything that you do not regularly use. Start with the

  main living areas of your home: the kitchen, living room, 

  dining room, etc. Continue with the secondary areas including

  the bedrooms and bathrooms. Areas such as your closets, 

  your garage, and the basement, while still important, should be

  some of the last areas to address when staging.

- Remove wallpaper (especially if it is already damaged) and paint

  your walls a bright and neutral color. Darker colored paint can

  give the illusion that the room is smaller than it actually is.

- If you have any bedrooms that are not being used, try to ensure

  that they look like they have a purpose. You don't want the 

  spare rooms to look like storage rooms. 

Selling your home vacant? No problem! Here's a few more tips:

- If you are selling your home vacant, you may want to consider

  buying a few air fresheners. Homes that have been sitting 

  empty for a while start to get a musty smell, and the air

  fresheners give the buyer the impression that the home has

  been well lived in, but lovingly cared for. My suggestion has

  always been buying a few apple cinnamon scented air 

  fresheners; they give the illusion that an apple pie has 

  just finished baking!

- If your home is not being lived in during the winter, and you

  want to keep your heating bills low, be sure to set the temperature

  around 55 degrees. If you turn the heat completely off, you run the 

  risk of your pipes freezing.

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